Internal Conversion

I can’t sleep because

I have to get it

out of me:

You only allow me

to day-dream, pulse

racing too fast to

relax. You only

allow me to

hurt myself,

with jagged fragments

of the past and

the shards of

feeling I could never

pin down. What if

we were somewhere

nobody knew

who we were?

I would let you kiss me

and taste the metal filament

of my tongue between

the shattered bulbs

of my teeth; Passionately

extinguishing the idea

because it was never bright,

or at least not bright enough,

to begin with.

Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie

The great rosegray

Never to be had

Between the little given

And all that’s promised

Where I still struggle

To find my voice

Isn’t it hiding in plainsight

Or am I just blind?

I ache for a home

Like it’s something I’ve had

Or a feeling, fleeting

An impression that never lasts

If patience is virtue,

Then you are my vice

When pleasures and pains

Cross boundaries at will

May you pick up your tea when it’s exactly the right temperature, and may you happen to glance out the window when the light is just how you like it. — casualblessings

(via avemelermazorei)

Left And Leaving by The Weakerthans